High School Reform: Smaller Classes are Fundamental

High schools are getting bigger and fancier but considering high school reform. Changing class sizes would be a great idea!

The foremost change to improve high school reform would be to decrease class sizes. Many studies have been conducted to see the effects of more diminutive class sizes, such as the Tennessee STAR study, “Conclusive research has shown the benefits of class sizes of 1:15, especially in the primary grades…a major experiment in Tennessee, numerous smaller studies and evaluations of projects that use low adult-to-student ratios have found that youngsters in small classes (1:15 or so) as compared to youngsters in larger classes… ”(Achilles). Considerable classes in the US have larger than average class sizes, which has considerable effects on the students and their education. Which range from limited access to resources and teachers plus a decline in participation and retaining information. However, if the society and community work jointly to reduce class sizes, it can have an assortment of positive effects on the student including better test scores, retaining information, and more teacher one-on-one time.

Additionally, teachers have also added their perspectives and experiences to the topic of reducing classroom sizes. One teacher mentioned, “‘I had 35 fourth graders last year. I could hardly work with any small groups or give one on one attention. Grading work and analysis of formative assessment was near impossible…’” and another teacher put it as, “‘…It was more like a house party … not a classroom!’”(Walker). These remarks deliver a first-hand perspective of having larger classes, depicting the many negative impacts on the student and teachers. Teachers themselves agree by stating the problem they face with large classes. Their reviews demonstrate how even teachers are affected and, in turn, the students are affected. Teachers and students will have a suitable environment, time, and education if smaller class sizes are achieved in classrooms.

All in all, providing the intel on how reforming high schools by reducing class sizes would be an improvement.

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