Meet Our Team

At Getup, we are committed towards our social responsibilities. Out team is small but all of us are self organized, passionate, creative, reliable and good human beings.

Founding Members

Akshita Rana


Akshita loves to code, cook, paint, draw, and eat. She was introduced to the world of coding and programming by her dad. She learned HTML, CSS, PHP, MYSQL, Python and Java.
She is worried about the growing effects of the internet in school kids. Hence she founded GetUp in hopes to make the world better for the coming generations by promoting an active & healthy lifestyle.

Shreya Shastri

Shreya Shastri


Shreya loves to code during her free time, She has been learning coding for about a year now and focuses primarily on Python since she is most fluent at it out of all the languages. Other than that, She also knows bits of C#, JavaScript, and HTML. Some hobbies of hers other than coding are reading, drawing, video games, and sports.
This will be a new experience for her and she looks forward to supporting this organization, holding boot camps, & teaching.

Manohar Rana


Manohar has a background in Data, Analytics and Programming. He likes teaching, coaching, music, cooking, traveling, and spending time with his wife and daughter. He takes special interest in social causes and always tries to do his bit. He maintains the GetUp website.